Asylum in Australia

The Australian government has set up a humanitarian immigration and asylum program to resettle the aggrieved and affected outside their country of origin.

Those who are outside their country of origin can apply for the asylum program and cannot return to them for fear of persecution
As for the Humanitarian Migration Program, it is offered to those who have relatives, friends or acquaintances in Australia and who had been offered in his country
Original discrimination to the extent that it constitutes a gross violation of human rights
Humanitarian immigration applications (which require a sponsor) are made with the Australian Immigration Service
Note: We deliver all personal documents and all immigration requests to all parts of the world where we have a DHL account (express mail)
In light of the conditions that the world is going through due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus (Corona), the electronic application has become the most requested
Where the stage of sending the original papers through shipping companies is shortened, by submitting the request electronically, and this is one of the advantages of the Watan Story Company
Our company is a pioneer in the field of filling out forms designated for asylum, in addition to translating papers into certified and correct legal translation.

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