Australia is the smallest continent in the world , it ranks the sixth as the largest country in terms of the space it also ranks the first as the biggest country without land border where its located between Indian Ocean and South Pacific.
Australia has a fascinating nature in addition to a high standard of living
Whatever your motives for immigration to Australia are, you will blessed that as an immigrant will have full employment rights and you will be guided to get the job.
It provides free education for children, free health insurance and financial support for every newborn and many other features for immigrant if you are in line with the conditions
The conditions of immigration:
* You must have a high level in English by passing the IELTES or TOFEL exam.
* You must have an experience that goes with your age (at least two years), and this experience must be one of the needed professions in Australia.
* You must have a good health, free of diseases that may goes against the job rules.
* Age must be under 45 years old.

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