Qeset Watan for Immigration and Translation Company

  • Here in Qeset Watan, in Humanitarian asylum transactions as we are distinguished in immigration transactions of all kinds, with enough experience to submit, follow up, finish the transactions with complete accuracy and professionalism, and to bypass all obstacles with a distinguished team to follow-up the files translated and certified by all concern department. Also, because we have accreditation and licenses from the concerned countries in immigration transactions to provide transactions properly , And because we are committed to follow up on all updates of conditions and facilities to provide immigration transactions in proportion to provide the best service and assistance to immigration within the methods and international immigration laws . In brief, because treating you with honest hands and we are keen on every request made to maintain your trust in us.
  • Our second branch is in Amman, Jordan since two years.
  • through all this years, Qeset Watan Co. Has helped and assisted all their clients to get their visas and travel in the easiest way
  • We have achieved being one of the best companies in all the branches with the high satisfaction of our clients.
  • We provide all kinds of services that assist you to get any visa type and categorie. Starting from filling the visa applications passing through translating and certifying all your documents ending in getting your visa.
  • As we are an accredited office, we still subject to the international immigration laws, in line with these laws we assist you to write appeals to UNHCR and apply for human visas.

General Director

Hamzeh Alshaikh

Study: Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, United state of America
Master of Business Administration from the University of Nottingham, UK
General Manager of the Jordan office

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